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The YourLife Crowd
Mission Partner Program
Takes Network Marketing to a New Level

YourLife Crowd’s mission is to bring hope and enhancement in the quality of life to every-day people around the world through the opportunity to buy high-quality products for just $10.

As an intricate part of our movement to change the way every-day people shop for and buy traditionally expensive products, YourLife Crowd is building a team of YourLife Crowd Independent Mission Partners.

Our Mission Partner Program provides multiple opportunities for Independent Business Owners to earn commissions and is considered one of the easiest ways to earn a 6-Figure annualized income. Imagine YourLife with a near unlimited earning potential from simply promoting our one of a kind Crowdpurchasing Auction Game to help every-day people buy products like 5-Star Vacations, Cars, Digital Store of Value and soon even Houses along with other life enhancing products for “JUST” $10.

YourLife Crowd - Purchasing Power

Use for things like; Vacations, Cars, Student Loans, Medical Bills, Rental/Lease Payments, Reward Cards... and more!

The following information details how we compensate our Mission Partners for the time, energy, and work put in to building their respective YourLife Crowd businesses. We encourage you to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this compensation plan and use it to build a business that will enhance your life for years to come.

As YourLife Crowd and your business matures, keep in mind that a true measure of success is not just in what you have accomplished for yourself, but also in what you do for other people. We hope that as you achieve your personal goals, you will also consider participating in the YourLife Crowd Cares Program, which enables you to improve lives and bring hope to people all around the world.

We will be excited to have you join us as we bring YLC Crowdpurchasing to the World!

Sincerely, YourLife Crowd

Why You Should Be A
YLC Mission Partner

YLC Provides

Incredibly Easy Product to Promote

YLC Provides

Incredibly Low Cost to Participate

YLC Provides

Incredibly Rewarding Earning Opportunity

YLC Offers

Incredible Leverage Attributes that only comes from Network Marketing

YLC Offers

Incredible Upside Performance from Shared Economy Commerce

YLC Offers

Incredible Long-Term Benefits from the Next Big Thing in Discount Buying

YLC Mission Partner
Referral Compensation Plan

Our Compensation Plan utilizes an “Inverted” Commission Structure to more effectively leverage the replicated referral activity and maximize the Mission Partner’s earnings potential to generate Full-Time Residual Income from Part-Time effort!

Unlike typical MLM compensation plans that pay less as your levels increase, we use an inverted commission payout structure that shifts up to 87.5% of the commission to the Lowest Level where organic referral efforts are more likely to have the vast majority of your network reside. This makes the 5th Level an unprecedented MONEY level.

Considered to be one of the best in the industry, our Commission Plan allocates up to 50% of Game Fee revenue to the Mission Partner Commission Plan. Our research indicates that the average online auction consumer participates 10+ times per year and our Mission Partners are paid on each Game Fee purchased on the active levels of their Crowd. We see our Crowdpurchasing platform as a disruptor to status quo retail sales and a new buying method that will change the way every-day people shop for and buy expensive products similar to the way Airbnb has disrupted the hotel industry.

Our Compensation Plan is designed to compliment the leverage effect of an MLM structure by increasing the commission pay-out on the network levels that will have more customers (game players) to generate exponentially higher commission payouts. So, when compared to traditional MLM structures, we offer the best opportunity for network marketers to leverage the power of the crowd to generate a nearly unlimited residual income and enjoy a lifestyle most people only dream about.

As an intricate part of our movement to revolutionize the way people shop for expensive essential products, you as a Mission Partner can let the Inverted Comp Plan do the heavy lifting for them and simply promote this new Crowdpurchasing option to people that would like the opportunity to buy 5-Star Vacations, Cars, Pre-Funded Crypto Wallets & Reward Cards and coming soon, many other expensive essential products including Houses for just $10

Our Compensation Plan is pretty straight forward and offers 4 incentivized tiers for residual income each and every time someone in your active levels participates in one of our Pay to Play Crowdpurchasing Games. Best of all, because of our inverted structure combined with our Commission Accelerator Option a Mission Partner doesn't have to find hundreds of customers to make a respectable income.

These incentivized tiers are designed to accelerate the financial reward to our Mission Partners not only based on their performance but also their confidence to perform. Another way to view the Mission Partner options are, what if an employer gave you the option to pay a small fee to increase your hourly rate by up to three hundred and fifty percent?

The YourLife Crowd
Gold Mission Partner Commission Schedule

Mission Partner Direct Level 1 - $.05

Mission Partner Crowd Level 2 - $.10

Mission Partner Crowd Level 3 - $.10

Mission Partner Crowd Level 4 - $.25

Mission Partner Money Level (5) - $1.00

Paid Mission Partner Commission
Accelerated Commission Schedule

Platinum Mission Partner
(Money Level (5) - $3.50)

With YLC it's like, instead of making $10 an hour you could pay an Annual Fee of $99.99 and make $35.00 an hour doing the exact same tasks!

It's important to really understand the tremendous value in our “Inverted” Commission Plan and Commission Accelerator Options. This structure combination magnifies the leverage of the replicated referral activity to increase the Mission Partner’s earnings potential exponentially to generate Full-Time Residual Income from Part-Time effort. By utilizing an Inverted Commission payout structure that makes the Lowest Level an unprecedented MONEY LEVEL. Like our Crowdpurchasing Game our Inverted Commission Plan is a GAME CHANGER and is considered to be one of the best in the industry.

Again, ask yourself why should you put in the exact same effort and choose to make less for your effort? Unlike typical network marketing and distinct to YourLife Crowd and its Mission Partners, you have the power to choose your compensation level to maximize your efforts.

Test out our unique CompCast™ Forecast Calculator below and consider becoming a Platinum Mission Partner and position yourself to not only win with YLC, but to win BIG!

*The CompCast™ assumes a "Play Rate Efficiency" of 100% of each Player playing one time per month. However, you can adjust your Direct Level Referral Quantity, the Average Network Referral Rate for Levels 2-5 and the Annual Games Per Player from the selection options of 4, 6, 8 and 12 to see various Estimated Commission scenarios.

YLC Mission Partner (Affiliate)
5-Level Commission Forecast Tool

Network Levels Average Network
Referral Rate
Network Quantity
Per Level
Play Rate Efficiency /
Annual Games Per Player
Direct Level
Levels 2-5
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Network Size Total Games


YourLife Crowd
Network Levels
Per Level
Per Level
Network Quantity
Per Level
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Money Level 5
Estimated Commission


Consider taking advantage of this moment in time, regardless of economic conditions our Crowdpurchasing platform offers superior advantages, no matter whether a buyer has an excess of discretionary funds or they are unable to participate in traditional retail sales all of widely desired essential products currently valued between $1,500 and $25,000 sell for just $10!

There is no other purchase method available that provides the opportunity to buy high-quality essential products for just $10. As YourLife Crowd continues establishing brand recognition we will become a preferred method for shopping and buying products that are often unaffordable to every-day people.

Through utilizing our patent pending proprietary methods, YourLife Crowd offers the only Crowdpurchasing Platform where Game Players can buy these types of high-quality products for just $10.

By integrating our Inverted Commission Plan, our Mission Partner Networkers have the opportunity to make unparalleled residual income from Game Players' as they pursue and enjoy the fabulous products and services offered via game participation in the $ 10 Auction Game!

You have no doubt (or certainly) heard the saying, "Opportunity knocks once"? This is your opportunity to not only benefit from the unequaled power of the Internet, but to harness the tremendous power of the crowd and be positioned in front of the YourLife Crowd assisting every-day people in buying high-quality essential products, literally for TRUE PENNIES on the DOLLAR!

If you are ready to join us as a Mission Partner and a part of this life changing movement you can start registering during our "Soft Launch", see roadmap below.

YourLife Crowd - RoadMap

Get started now, with the Crowdpurchasing Auction Game powered by RUTPOCS, the Next Big Thing in eCommerce & Network Marketing! Start making a list of people you want to help benefit from buying high-quality products for just $10 as you generate residual income by promoting our amazing Crowdpurchasing Platform and get back in contact with the person that referred you to this incredible opportunity.

We'll see you in the Crowd.